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About Us, | . | Digiwise Design and Printing Services in Centurion...

Large Format Printing

As a large format  printer ,at Digiwise Designs,we help small and large business to create or
Redesign your Brand with modern and creative solutions,Typography,Layout,Logos,Branding,
Advertising and Corporate Design we produce Artwork to your budget to ensure your business 
Brand stands out from the Crowd,we can produce displays to suit every one requirement,
to us your Brand Matters .
Our extensive range of materials and products,ranging from Display Boards Vinyl Display,
Shape cut Displays Custom Decorative Wallpaper,Pvc Banners,Window Display,Roll-up Banner.
We produce standard display and Posters A3,A2,A1,A0 in addition to standard sizes,Flyers ,
Folded leaflets,Business Cards,Booklets,Calendars,Canvas Document Folders Note Pads,
Letterheads,Email Signatures, Websites Design and Hosting  and More.
We understand every project is different,and has its own pressures,projects can have small
Budgets but need big results .we can help.


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